Welcome to our web site. Take couple minutes to get information about us. We would like to tell you something about history of our company and honey production.

We are a Czech company dealing and producing with honey products.

 Our company has been making business from 1990 year. We are specialized in the production of high quality beekeeping equipment and bee products. Besides that, we have established a well-organized workshop to produce wooden products. We have established a well organized a sales department selling specialized retailers or wholesalers in Czech Republic and other countries.

Our company Včela PRO & HWCo. is commuted to produce superior premium quality of honey products.  We are proud to introduce you to our products.

In 1990 year we had started to sale beekeeping equipment and bee products in famous store in Prague.

In 1993 year we had started to produce beekeeping equipment and sale it them to beekeepers and store chains. We are using the best of quality of natural materials and components.

In 1994 year we had started to export our products to Bahrain in Persian Gulf, Germany and Holland.

In 1995 year we had started to sale beekeeping equipment and bee products as distributor and wholesaler and we supply our consumers in Czech Republic and other countries.

In 2000 year we became exclusive distributors of Royal Honey wine in Prague. 
  Laboratories of ministry of health and agriculture control all our honey products. We are selling honey products and beekeeping equipment to many countries around the world, for example Middle East, Asia and Europe.

I hope you'll be satisfied with our services and products. Try to choose our products on this web site and contact us by email. We are delivering to any places and addresses in the world (by air, by ship and/or by tracks).

We're very sorry but we prefer mostly large orders for supermarkets, distributors, wholesalers or beekeeping stores.

Vcela PRO & Honey Well Co, Ltd
branch Prague
Belehradska 15, 140 00 Praha 4,  Czech Republic 
tel./fax: +42 2 22 56 35 89   mobile: +42 2 603 486978

head manager of Vcela PRO & Honey Well Company, Ltd
Jan Loffelmann

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