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1. DISPATCH We're sending a goods by plane or by ship to the destination into carton boxes on Euro pallets. We have experience to send goods around the World. If you don't have any special wishes, we would like to recommend you to entrust the transport to our forwarding agent.
2. CERTIFICATE All of our products has a certificate by the Department of Health. We have a certificate from radioactivity and on reguest we can make a certificate for your needs
3. PACKING Honey in a glasses in attractive consumer packing in cardboard boxes on Euro-pallets. This kind of packing provides the highest possible protection to the goods during transport, handling and storage. Packing is included in the price. Packing can be adapted to the customer’s requirements. On reguest we can provide the packages with publicity print. Please inform us whether there are special regulations in your country concerning packing material or markings.
4. PRODUCT DESCRIPTION For the exact identification please indicate the full reference number given in the price-list.
5. QUALITY, FINISHING - We guaranty best quality all of the products which we offer. The quality can match the top quality of our competitors products. From environmental point of view the products are absolutely harmless. Our products observe the EU regulations - the strictest hygienic norms. The honey and all products made by The Honey Well Company are made in Czech Republic.
6. QUANTITY With regard to the economy of production it is necessary to observe minimum quantities of 50 units per article. For quantities of more than 500 units we can grant a rebate of 5%
7. PRICE The prices are understood in US Dollars and for Europe in Euro. Shiping and Insurance fee are included. The prices are variable and changing by the time and season.
8. INSURANCE Insurance against all current risks from warehouse to warehouse.
9. DELIVERY Time of delivery ranges from 1 to 3 months according to size and character of the order.
10. PAYMENT Letter of credit payable against presentation of documents or bank’s cash on delivery.
11. SERVICE, GUARANTEE We give a guarantee of one year from the data of delivery.

Honey Well Company, Ltd.
DEC - 2002
Jan Loffelmann
head manager

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