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Beekeeping Eguipment information

Most of beekeeping equipment what we offer were made in Czech Republic (Europe). We use premium quality materials and control quality of our products and they have to have first class of quality (HWC norm). We guarantie long term of first quality and low prices.

Beekeeping tools
We would like to offer you our especial tool beekeeper scales.
packing: cardboard boxes
quaranty: 12 months

Safety equipment
Made from natural materials, leather and cotton. Work suits are made from materials best of quality and tailored carefully. Using our work suits means never get bee sting.
packing: 10 pcs per plastic box
expiration: 12 months

Queen growing equipment
We are using wood and plastic materials to made growing equipments. Its The most popular item in our list and beekeepers like to use it.
packing: 10 pcs. per cardboard box
quaranty: 12 months

Honey keepeenig equipment
We carefully select kinds of material for this category of equipments. We are testing chemical reaction of contacting and sticking food and other. Those products are made for profesional beekeepers and/or hobby.
quaranty: 12 months

Swarm equipment
Made from natural materials: wood, paper, linen
quaranty: 12 months

Feeding equipment
We made feedding equipments only in size for beehives placed in our price list. Its made from: plastic, wood and glass.
quaranty: 12 months

BeeWax products and equipment
To make foundations we are using only czech 100% pure bee wax. Honey Well BeeWax a foundations dont containt any additives and/or chemicals.
paking: beewax 25 kg (Euro palette), foundations 4 kg per cardboard box
quaranty: 12 months

Beehives equipment
Honey Well quality frames and beehives
Our woodenwares are made carefully and are full controled of quality.
quaranty: 12 months

Medical equipment
To sale medicals please ask your veterinary department of ministry of heath for rules for use and other laws about distribution and sales of medicals.
quaranty: 12 months

Promo and other equipment
We would like to make aspecial promotions for your beekeeping company and promote ours or yours beekeeping products. You can have some gifts for your business friends.

Honey Tester - Fluid concentration tester
The Honey Tester 68...92% is an opto-mechanical instrument designed for quick determination of the concentration of aguenos solutions and emulsion. The iinstrument is especially suitable for checking the water content in honey. In checking the honey the complement to 100% is taken as water content. Several drops of honey or of the other liguid to be measured are sufficient for measuring. When looking through the eyepiece the concentration of the specimen can be determined very quickli. The Honey Tester is a hand refractometer featuring an automatic temperature compensation in the range of 10 to 30 C. This means that measuring can be made without adding any corrections in this range of the environment temperature. In the base version the instrument is equipped with a scale allowing direct reading of the weight percentage of the sugar solution concentration in the range of 68 to 92 %(Brix grades). For other solutions and emulsions a conversion must be made. The instrument consists of a plastic tube having an eyepiece at one end and a measuring prism with tilting cover at the other end. The optical system and the compensating and adjusting devices are situated inside the tube. The whole instrument is inserted in a plastic case together with a dosing rod and cleaning cloth. The instrument is available and resistant to usual handling. It can always ba about and therefore used anywhere when needed.
Specifications :
Range of temperature compensation........+10 to +30C
Range of refractive indices of the liguid to be measured.......1.460 to 1.521
Range of the scale.......68 to 92%
Accuracy of measurement........+-0,5%
Range of eyepiece focusing.......+-5D
Weight of the instrument.......about 56g
Dimension of the plastic case.......160x73x32mm


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